How to Find Your Cause and Why We All Need One

October 29, 2018

My guest today has been shot at, stabbed with a machete and held as a captive in a maxim-security Japanese prison, all in the pursuit of his unique passion. He has traveled the world as a wildlife conversationalist, protecting endangered animals. Whether he is performing citizens’ arrests in Japan or rappelling from helicopters in Costa Rica, it is all in the quest of fulfilling his life purpose. 

In this thrilling conversation with Pete Bethune, you with learn:

  • How Pete has risked his life for his passion.
  • How you can stand up for a worthy cause
  • What it means to really make a difference in the world
  • Where Pete’s passion for conservation came from
  • How his passion has impacted his wife and kids

Pete will go to great lengths to pursue his passion. Pete’s story is a call to action to anyone who is struggling to figure out how they can give back to the earth and society.

I'm so excited to share this with you!  


  • How do you continue to do what you do, considering the risks involved?
  • How do you suggest that people take a stand today?
  • When did you realize there was no turning back?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode. Who was your inspiration for following Passion & Purpose?

Thanks so much for listening!