Eco-Vegan Living For A Healthier Lifestyle

October 22, 2018

Since going vegetarian and then vegan in 2003, Whitney Lauritsen has grown her planet-friendly lifestyle into a successful brand. In 2008 Whitney founded Eco-Vegan Gal, a prolific YouTube channel which documents her life of eco-conscious veganism. Whitney has offered several e-books, taught classes at BlogHer Food, and participated in panels for Fitness Magazine and the blog WELL Summit. She has used her digital platform to educate and inspire others to live happy healthy lives.

In this inspiring conversation, you with learn:

  • Where Whitney’s passion for performing came from
  • How she discovered veganism
  • How her background as a filmmaker lead her to where she is today
  • How veganism has impacted her history and helped with her eating disorder
  • How she knew this was her purpose in life

I have followed Whitney’s career for a number a number of years as I looked into veganism and vegetarianism myself. Her story provides great insight into how one discovers and pursues their own passion and purpose.