Using the Power of Passion To Enroll People Around You

October 15, 2018

Can you remember your first passion as a kid and that overwhelming feeling of wanting to throw yourself into it four hours on end?

With our guest today, Chris Strompolos, you will learn what it is like to return to that childhood passion. After seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark as a young boy, Chris left with a newfound purpose.  He spent the next 8 summers remaking the film but at 19, decided filming had to come to an end. What was once the center of his life, was soon forgotten. Many years later, after searching for a new drive in life, the film was found and ended up being seen by the likes of Harry Knowles, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, and the grandmasters: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas themselves.

The result: A fantastic new documentary from Netflix called "Raiders The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made" where they follow Chris as he reunites the old team to finally film the last elusive scene that got away from them. But returning to your original childhood passion isn't all roses. 

In this inspiring conversation, you will learn:

  • What inspired Chris to remake Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark in the first place
  • How to reach your goals when faced with adversity and rejection
  • What it feels like when you discover your true passion (away from the ego)
  • How pursuing your passions can impact those around you
  • What it’s like to rediscover passions you had as a kid

Chris’ story can be a lesson to us all and remind us of the thrill of reconnecting with our childhood dreams.


  • What was the purpose of making your film?
  • Did you ever leave a different movie and think: “Why don’t I remake this one too?”
  • Was making the film worth the cost?