The 7 Magical Words That Inspired This Podcast.

October 8, 2018

This podcast series has been a year in the making. I sat down with my first guest on Aug 17th, 2017. 418 days have passed since that moment of hitting record for the first time and hitting publish to send episodes 1,2, and 3 to iTunes and the various other podcast distributors. 

Why so long? Well as with anything new it has taken me time to understand how I want to play in this medium. Over the last eight years running Fanology I've been involved in a number of enormously successful podcasts so understanding the process and strategy was easy to pick up but those first podcasts didn't sound like me. There was no Richard Janes stamp on the story. And that's understandable, right? Whenever we try something new we are going to fumble with are going to get things wrong, we are going to be tempted to try on the voice of other successful podcasts. That's the learning process.

Some people urged me just to hit publish and develop on the 'fly' but that reasoning is based on the assumption that I was creating this podcast in order for my voice to be heard. That, in part, is of course correct. But before that, the purpose was and still is, to find my voice.